High School - 9th-12th CLASSES



High School Novel Study and Writing

Grades 9-12                                                   

$280 per semester

IN-PERSON FOLSOM, Fridays 10am - 11:30am

This interactive class is completely literature-based and class time each week includes both novel study and writing. We read, discuss, and analyze high school curriculum novels, developing and encouraging critical thinking skills through engaging discussions and group activities. Each week the students read and annotate, focusing on various aspects of the story including theme, character development, symbolism, motif, conflict, literary devices, and personal connections. Students also respond to the text through various writing assignments including short answer response, narrative entries, essays, and power point presentations. All books will be provided and are included in the class tuition. Spring semester our first novel will be The Glass Castle by Jeanette Wall and our second novel will be announced soon. 

Remote Learning Model:  If necessary, this class will transition to remote learning without disruption through Zoom meetings and teacher generated materials.

Teacher: Mary Frederick

email:  2mrsfrederick@gmail.com

phone/text:  916.990.3494

website: writeon4kids.com


Civics: Individual Rights & Liberties

Grades 6-12

$180 per semester  

Through Socratic group discussion, and case study, students will explore the rights and liberties contained in the United States Constitution. Topics will include such things as symbolic speech and freedom of the press. This class is different from, and does not repeat case material from Constitutional Debate. This class is taught by Mrs. Chiappe, a former practicing California Attorney.

Teacher: Laurie Chiappe

email:  MrsChiappe@gmail.com

phone/text: 408-472-6155

website: historyrockswithmrschiappe.com


Global Cooking for Teens

Grades 8-12

$160 per semester (1 voucher)


Learning history through food is probably the most enjoyable learning process. Let’s travel around the world, learning history via food. In this 12 week class, we will travel to Israel, Germany, Puerto Rico, Nigeria and more! Students will review basic knife skills, food & kitchen safety and cooking techniques. Sample menus are Couscous with dried fruits & nuts, Apfelpfannkuchen, Black Bean Soup, Jollof rice with chicken and more. 


Most lessons will take us from preparation through the completion of the meal. Some ingredients may require prep ahead of time. I will demonstrate each step of the cooking process. The class will be interactive and the students can make the foods in real-time. Students will be provided with the recipe and a list of cooking tools needed for each class. Students are expected to have experience working in their home kitchen, using knives  and other kitchen gadgets comfortably


These classes involve real cooking with knives, blenders, stoves, oven etc. so parent/caregiver involvement may be necessary depending on your child/children. Only you can determine the appropriate amount of supervision and assistance that your child needs. Feel free to stay along and help them if you think they need it. It is also up to the parent to change ingredients to avoid potential allergies

Teacher: Shankari Arcot

email:  sacramentospice@gmail.com

phone/text: 408-464-6158

website: sacramento spice.com