Kathy Goldsmith
Past Production
Vendor for Visions, Horizons, CORE, Inspire
Email: ednkathygoldsmith@att.net
Phone: 530.622.9557

Mrs. Goldsmith is a mom, grandma, and great-grandma who loves working with children.


She started teaching sewing and history classes in 2003. Her life-long love of sewing inspired her to create a Sewing around the World class, in which she helps children sew a doll with costumes from different continents.


A tour of the historical sites on the East Coast many years ago got her excited about history. As a result, Kathy came up with the idea of creating a history experience where students “live” in a time period for two hours. During this class, her students feast on foods, make crafts, and play games from that time period.  She hopes to work with your children as part of Foothill Learning Academy.