Asten Fallavollita
Classes: Computer Programming, Theater Arts
Vendor for Horizon, Visions, Inspire.  Pending: Core, South Sutter, Pacific Charter Institute (Heritage Peak, Sutter Peak, Rio Valley, & Valley View)
phone/text: 916.220.6798

Asten Fallavollita is currently a college student at Folsom Lake College, studying computer engineering with a 4.0 GPA. After being home-schooled / charter schooled for the majority of his K-12 academic life, Asten understands firsthand how high-quality independent schooling can completely change a child's life, and help give them the tools they need to become successful, thoughtful adults. When he is not studying or working, his hobbies include musical theater, creative writing, and spending time with family and friends.

Computer Programming
After being fascinated by the magic of computers from a very young age, Asten's interest in technology quickly evolved into a love for robotics and programming, and he is now pursuing a degree in computer engineering. He has taken numerous high-school and college level programming courses in Ruby, C++, and Java, and has also worked on various side projects ranging from building a simple crawling robot to programming an entire video game. His class will be utilizing the Scratch interface, a tool created by MIT computer scientists for beginner programmers, to help kids learn about programming concepts and allow them to create their own stories, animations, and even video games.  All of these concepts are taught in a way that feels easy and natural, even to computer novices, and will help students learn to reason systematically, think creatively, and work collaboratively — essential life skills in the 21st century.

Theater Arts
Asten discovered his passion for theater when he was only 10 years old, after a friend invited him to join her in a local a youth theater performance group.  Soon after, he became involved with El Dorado Musical Theater, a local youth performance company centered around empowering kids to become confident, work as a team, and have fun putting on spectacular shows together. Six years and sixteen productions later, he is also a member of EDMT's touring performance group, High Voltage. His goal is to share his passion for performing with his students, and to create a safe, exciting environment where they can develop confidence, enhance their public speaking skills, and have fun exploring the world of theater.