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Aisling Cannon

Classes: High School Biology, High School Anatomy
Vendor in process 
phone/text: 916-879-0295


With over 18 years’ experience as a clinical nurse, including 10 years working in corrections, my passion has been caring for the underserved who have limited access to needed services. As many of my patients were local and often greeted me warmly on the street, my children learned first hand that everyone deserves kindness and compassion. As my family grew, I recognized the value of homeschooling my 3 children, and with that also came my desire to teach the next generation the art of health “care” and compassion. As a medical instructor and curriculum coordinator for a local college, teaching the language of medicine, anatomy, and physiology, I champion the next generation of health caregivers. I have particularly focused on those who underestimate their potential and have guided many into celebrated successes.

As my children watched me teach (remotely), I realized they were absorbing new concepts that generated thoughtful discussions from college level content. From this remarkable observation, I then, developed a curriculum with the goal that young minds could get excited about the health sciences and even develop an early interest in the healthcare sciences.  I made it a priority to humanize and make relevant my science courses, introducing a broader world of how this information is used in medical settings.  

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