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Joe Vargas
First Choice Tutoring
Classes: Math Labs
Vendor for Visions, Horizons, South Sutter, Inspire, CORE, Pending: Pacific Charter Institute (Heritage Peak, Sutter Peak, Rio Valley, & Valley View)
Phone/Text: 916.805.7333

Joe Vargas is a firm believer in the power of education! He is a graduate from the University of the Pacific where he majored in Engineering Management with an emphasis in Mechanical Engineering. While in college, Joe began tutoring in math and science and instantly fell in love with the experience. He loves to learn, and is fascinated with the idea of becoming the best version of yourself, an idea he likes to pass on to all his students!


Mr. Vargas values the importance of self-improvement. As you become better, you will be better able to serve family and friends. He also believes that everyone is capable of learning and comprehending mathematics. All it takes is a student who has a desire to learn and a qualified instructor who is passionate about education.


His passion for education and helping others is so great that he created a tutoring company, First Choice Tutoring, in an attempt to help as many students as possible. He feels that his degree in engineering, combined with the belief in life-long learning, makes him an ideal candidate to help students of all ages.


Joe has over 10 years of combined tutoring and home-school teaching experience, and plans to have at least 20 more years because he loves teaching so much!

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