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Online Enrollment Process

To enroll in classes coordinated by Foothill Learning Academy, please complete the following process in the order listed. 

If you have any questions, please contact an academy administrator.


Laurie Chiappe  (408) 472-6155

Mary Frederick  (916) 990-3494                                                 

1.   Click on the "Enroll Now" button below to begin the process.

2.   Complete online Emergency Information Form.

3.   Review and electronically agree to the terms of the following Foothill Learning Academy documents:

                *  Parental Permission & Waiver/Release of Liability

                *  Foothill Learning Academy Parent/Student Handbook

4.   Sign up for your volunteer shift. If you are going to pay the opt out fee of $40, skip to next step

5.   Pay online Registration Fee (and Volunteer Opt-out Fee, if applicable).

6.   Submit online Class Request.

7.   You will receive a Class Confirmation email after your request is processed ,which may take up to a week. 

         Flag and Print your Class Confirmation email, as this is the only class schedule you will receive. 

8.   Order Charter school Vouchers/POs for your classes.

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