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Rachel Wattson

Eclectic Arts

Classes:  Vocal Performance, Reader's Theater, Paper Crafts, Photography

Vendor:   Clarksville, Feather River, American River Charter School, Visions, Cottonwood - Rachel is committed to becoming a vendor at all local charters. If your student attends another school not listed, please let her know. 


Phone: 760-716-2793



Rachel has been in the performing arts world since she was four.  Her first time on stage was as a Cratchet child in “A Christmas Carol” and she never stopped.  From performing in plays, improv groups, musicals, operas, choirs, and solo performances she brings over 30 years of performing experience. She has been teaching ages 4-90 music, musical theater and vocal performance since 2009.

Rachel is a jack of many trades within the world of the arts. She discovered her love for photography in college and became a wedding and family photographer until she had her fourth child in 2013. She enjoys watercolor, crafting, knitting, baking, decorating cakes and cookies, gardening, reading, hiking and anything else outdoors with her family. She believes everyone is creative; they just need to find their outlet!

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