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Angela Houk

Classes: Art

Vendor for: in-process


Phone/text: 973.270.4596


Angela Houk is a homeschooling mother of four and the Founder/Director of New Joy Arts.  As a working artist in her community, she has created and taught art in a variety of ways for the past 25 years all across the country. This has included teaching in community centers, public school programs, museums, private art schools and her own teaching studio. 


Angela founded New Joy Arts in 2006 while living in Metro area of New York/New Jersey. It was established as means to provide local artists opportunities to share their passions with people in the community and help others explore their own creativity. Through the studio, she has offered classes to adults and children in a variety of artistic mediums and disciplines from creative writing to performance, as well as visual arts and creative practices.  


Since moving to the Sacramento area in 2013, Angela has taught at the Crocker Art Museum, various private schools, homeschool groups, churches and community non-profits. In conjunction with her work though New Joy Arts, she currently serves as Artist in Residence and is the Coordinator of The Studio at Oak Hills Church in Folsom, CA which currently serves as her base for teaching art, offering an array of creativity workshops and working with local artists.


Angela has a degree in Cultural Studies with minors in both Education and Theology. She has studied art privately as a passionate pursuit for almost 30 years. Her diverse background has built a solid foundation for working with a wide array of community leaders, churches, schools, educational programs & arts organizations alike. Her experience in both the performing and visual arts gives her a broad base to teach from as well as the resources to encourage artists of various disciplines.  In her own artistic pursuit, she is constantly finding inspiration and opportunities for creativity in the daily rhythms and challenges of family life. Beauty, grace and redemption are perpetual themes that shape her own life and work. 

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