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Debbie Heiden

Classes: Spanish (Placerville)
Vendor for Horizons, Visions, Inspire, CORE
phone: 916.817.1821 

Debra Heiden is a credentialed Spanish bi-lingual teacher with many years of teaching experience, including serving for five years as a Kindergarten teacher in a Spanish bi-lingual class.
Mrs. Heiden first began learning Spanish in 2nd grade when she was attending a Catholic School taught by nuns from Spain. She became so interested in learning Spanish, that she took private lessons from one of her teachers during the summer before she began high school.  During high school, she took four years of Spanish, including a year of “Honors” Spanish. She took a slight detour in college, majoring in Portuguese, after having spent two summers in Portugal.  After graduating from college, she taught a Portuguese bi-lingual class for two years, and then a Spanish bi-lingual Kindergarten class for five years.

For the past two years, Debra has taught K-3 and 4th-8th grade Spanish classes at Horizon School in Placerville.  In addition to teaching Spanish classes, she offers a variety of teaching services including private Spanish lessons, piano lessons, and tutoring in reading, math, and basic writing, for students who need help improving their skills.  
Debra enjoys teaching very much, especially when she gets the chance to create new learning experiences for her students!  It is her personal goal to make learning as successful and enjoyable as possible.  All of her classes and tutoring sessions include interactive games and activities designed to make learning  both successful and fun for her students.

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