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Helpful Tips when Ordering Vouchers/POs!

Payment for the entire semester is due at the beginning of the semester regardless of the number of vouchers requested by the vendor.

Parents are contracting directly with independent educators for enrichment/tutoring classes. Foothill Learning Academy does not accept payment for classes. 

All vouchers, purchase orders (POs), or private pay will be collected by vendors at the parent orientation, unless your charter school emails the voucher/PO directly to the vendor.

Please pay close attention to how your child’s teachers request vouchers, as they are not all the same. 

Voucher Ordering Quick Reference Table

We've created the table below to assist you when ordering vouchers.  Depending on your charter schools, vendors may be listed by name or by business. We've also included the voucher amount and number of vouchers requested by the vendors.

If your charter school requires a date range for vouchers, please create your vouchers with an end date of May 2, 2024.

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