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Lisa Hindmarsh
Hands-On Science
Classes:  Science, Roller Coaster STEM Challenge, Hand Sewing
Vendor for all local charter schools
phone/text:  530.313.3789

Mrs. Hindmarsh's lifelong love of science started with collecting rocks and shells as a child, turned into a career in the sciences in the biotechnology industry, and eventually led to teaching. 


While earning a B.S. in Microbiology at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Lisa interned in a cell culture research lab at a biotechnology company in southern California, and later helped develop and teach the first cell culture class at Cal Poly. After graduation, she started working for a large biotechnology company in northern California spending a couple of years in a laboratory, testing potential pharmaceuticals on cell cultures, and several years in documentation/management. 


Fourteen years later, Lisa became a stay-at-home mom.  In 2010, she decided to homeschool her youngest child for 3rd through 5th grades. When her daughter returned to public school in 2013, Lisa missed the teaching that went along with homeschooling. She talked with other homeschool moms who didn't love teaching science labs and decided to offer hands-on science classes to homeschoolers.  

Her goal is to make science as interesting and fun as possible.  Her focus is having students do science activities like extracting strawberry DNA, dissecting flowers, and creating food models to demonstrate plate tectonics and the rock cycle, instead of hearing a lecture or reading a book. Students will also learn how to properly use various pieces of scientific equipment like a microscope, beakers and graduated cylinders, and a triple beam balance.  On her website, she has compiled videos for students to watch before class if they want to independently gain additional science knowledge.  Your student will bring something home from each class, either a model or worksheet, to share with your supervising teacher.

Lisa absolutely loves sharing her love of science with all her incredibly enthusiast students!

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