Lori Lara

Classes: Self-Defense and Mental Heath and Wellness

Vendor for: Inspire, and Visions (in-process)

Email: lori@lorilara.com

phone/text: 916.529.1208

Lori Lara teaches students how to protect themselves from unsafe people - from dangerous predators looking for a victim to boundary-crashing loved ones that add stress and anxiety to every day life, Lori helps her students navigate boundary issues and difficult relationships, so they can live with confidence and peace of mind. With a third degree black-belt in mixed martial arts and a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology, Lori teaches a unique blend of effective self-defense skills while also building the mental and emotional foundations of self-protection and strength. 


With a positive and engaging teaching style, Lori teaches students how to recognize and avoid dangerous situations and how to fight back if they find themselves in one. Whether she's teaching high school or college students, a Girl Scout troop, sports team, high-risk youth or sex trafficking and domestic violence survivors, her message is the same: "No matter who you are or what you've been through, you can overcome everything. You are worth protecting and you don't have to be a black belt to learn how to protect yourself and live in peace.”