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Class Enrollment Request

Now that you have completed the Emergency Form, Volunteer Sign-Up,  and payment of Registration Fee, you are ready to enroll in classes! 


Please fill out and submit the following information on the form below. You can include all your kids' class requests on the same formas long as you include the requested information for each child:

     Student's Name: Student's Name

     Grade: Student's Grade

     Charter School: Name of Charter School Affiliation, write "Private Pay" if you are independent

     Location:  EDH or Placerville

     Day of the Week:  Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday 

     Classes listed by period:  

           Period 1: Class name

           Period 2: Class name

           Period 3: Class name


Thanks! Your Enrollment Request has been received. You will receive a Class Confirmation email when your request has been processed.

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