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Jess Stoner


Vendor: in process


Phone/Text: 916-337-0630

Jess has been drawn to yoga and the wonderful tools gained in her own practice that she gets to take with her into all other aspects of life.  With a Bachelors of Science in Recreation Administration, Jess has worked in youth camps, leadership development, ropes courses, teen centers and cross cultural travel trips for teens. In all of these spaces, helping participants to grow and develop their awareness, self confidence, relational skills and overcome fear has been a rewarding joy. 


After some trauma and illness within her family, Jess has dedicated a lot of time in the past 4 years towards healing, learning from wonderful teachers and doctors about the somatic system, how to help the body come out of survival mode, and creating space to process in the body and mind. This has been a big personal journey but also one that has required teaching and guiding her children towards health and wellness along the way.


For the past five years Jess has been homeschooling her own children, and teaches various group classes cooperatively. Watching her  children have a need for skills to engage with their own emotional world, and experiencing the value in movement to help with regulating oneself has shown Jess that practicing calming and awareness skills in a playful and fun context is essential! In the heat of the moment, we will fall back on what we have learned and practiced.  She is passionate about learning outside, having fun together, kids exploring their capacities, and hopes to encourage a love of learning within each student. 


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