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Blanca Lawton
The Spanish Immersion Program
Classes: Spanish 
Vendor for Visions, Horizons, South Sutter, Inspire, CORE
phone: 916.486.8276

Blanca M. Lawton is the creator and director of The Spanish Immersion Program.  She has a certificate in Education from Secretaria de Educacion Publica in Mexico City and over 10 years of teaching experience in private and group lessons.  She currently teaches Spanish and owns a preschool in Folsom.  She also directs The Spanish Immersion Program in public and private schools as well as her preschool site in Sacramento, She has 2 children, a 14 year old and an 18 year daughter who is joining the Army this fall.  Blanca is passionate about teaching children how to communicate in Spanish and, with that in mind, created this unique program that is proven to be successful with children and adults.  

The Spanish Immersion Program was established in 2005 and has been dedicated to teaching the Spanish language to children, teens, and adults ever since. Our program is different from most Spanish classes in the way that we completely immerse our students in the Spanish language and Latin culture. We incorporate songs, cultural exposure, games, and values in our carefully structured curriculum. 

​At The Spanish Immersion Program we strive to not only open up the world to your child through language, but also though cultural diversity, California is one of the most diverse states and cities in the nation. Giving your child the gift of a second language will only benefit them as they grow up and open opportunities into their future. We begin to teach young children because of the developmental stages they are in. Studies have shown that learning a foreign language increases cognitive skills, enhance communication skills and build a global perspective.  Children who are adequately exposed to two languages at an early age experience gains: they are more flexible and creative, and they reach high levels of cognitive development at an earlier age than their monolingual peers.
As a direct result of these findings, we pride ourselves on giving children a strong foundation of the Spanish language through many combined teaching techniques, music, songs, crafts, games, movement, playing pretend situations, relating subjects, literacy and lots more... We have a unique program that incorporates rhythm that is a natural part of speech. Additionally, our program blends the Hispanic culture and rhythms to make this class a true cultural experience. We integrate visual elements conversations and workbooks throughout each class. Every class have a different theme, in  our class the children will relate subjects, play memory games, sing a theme song, play pretend and work with the teacher in their Spanish workbooks! Completed with the vocabulary and full phrases the children are learning!   (That way you will reinforce the theme at home). Spanish becomes part of the children’s daily lives in a natural way!

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